Patch 5.0.4 Launch and Content Schedule

Dear players,

we bring you more important news related to the release of patch 5.0.4 and our content schedule:

  • Unfortunately, due to the amount of ongoing work, we are no longer able to launch the new content on Sunday as we hoped to. Instead, the date has been moved to Friday, March 31st at 19:00 server time, to give you an opportunity to enjoy Pandaria throughout the weekend!
  • After the launch next week, the bonuses for the Alliance on Helios will be disabled, until all Realm Firsts (including raids) are taken, or until there is imbalance again.
  •  To help with creating bug reports for specific NPCs, all players will also receive the command .debug hostile. This command shows you the identifier of the NPCs that are attacking you, to include when making reports regarding bugged combat.
  • After the launch, your existing Valor Points will be converted to Justice Points, and Conquest Points will be converted to Honor Points. All points above the cap will be converted to gold.
  •  We have prepared a detailed raid opening schedule, with the normal version of Mogu’shan Vaults opening on April 19th!
  • The new PvP season will start on April 19th. With the new season, you can also look forward to the 3v3 tournament that you already know from Cataclysm, but with minor improvements.
  • Additionally, due to the unfortunate timing of the Love is in the Air holiday, you were unable to participate in the Big Love Rocket hunt. To give you a chance to obtain this rocket, we will be celebrating this festival once more, from May 15th to May 29th!


Helios Team