Ninja Looting Rules

We have set up rules to prevent people taking advantage of the power a Master Looter has, as many of you consider this to be a major issue.

In situations where a clear looting agreement was made, and that agreement was not adhered to, we may investigate a possible scam and take action based on what can be verified. These are very specific agreements though and proper proof that an agreement has been made in the beginning of a raid needs to be provided together with the actual breach of that agreement. (If loot rules were stated at the beginning but new player(s) join afterwards, it is the raid leaders responsibility to make sure the new player(s) know and understand the loot rules before a boss gets pulled.)

Please note that although we are happy to assist you if you fall victim to a scam, it is always easier to prevent such a situation from ever occurring. Every time you join a raid group you are agreeing to the rules that are set up by the Raid Leader/Master Looter and it is in your best interest to ask & confirm what they are.

Nevertheless, if you do get into a situation where the Master Looter disregards the previous agreements that have been made, you can report it to us by using the #ticket-submit channel on our Discord (add a description of what was happening + all necessary proof).
We will be able to investigate the issue and take appropriate action should a scam have occurred; please note that restorations are not guaranteed, and indeed in the majority of cases we won’t be able to perform any further loot distribution or reassignment, but all reports will be dealt with.

Standard Loot rules

If the raid leader/master looter doesn’t state specific loot rules, the following rules will apply:
In each raid in which loot is distributed using the master loot option, loot will be distributed to a person who rolls the highest via a roll (command /roll or /roll 100, the range must be 1-100) on an item announced in ingame chat by the person distributing the loot.

Only items suitable for the rolling person’s class can be rolled for (for example warriors needing on cloth are disregarded).

Loot agreements

What is a proper looting agreement?

  • All tier tokens reserved for guild, everything else will be distributed via rolling.
  • Starshatter reserved, everything else via /roll.
  • All loot will be distributed via rolling.

Main Spec > Off Spec (MS > OS) is not a valid looting agreement that would be taken into consideration by a GM dealing with such a case.
While most people may understand what MS > OS means, they may not always agree that MS means the spec they are currently fulfilling a role for. If a players main spec is DPS but the player enters the raid as a Healer (because that is what the raid needs), the player still wants to have DPS gear usually. GMs are unable to determine what spec a player may have been using or what would be considered a players main spec.

Requirements on proof

What do you need to have proper proof for a loot scam?

  • A screenshot of loot rules stated by the Raid Leader/Master Looter (if there were any).
  • A screenshot of rolls on the item in question – item announcement, rolls of all players, who received the item.
  • Evidence of any subsequent discussions between the players in question, should these discussions be a part of the argument for reporting.

All screenshots have to be unedited and need to show the whole screen/UI, including raid frames.

Only rolls made between that item announcement and another item announcement count as valid. Each player can only roll once on a specified item, any subsequent rolls do not count. Loot distributors are expected to roll and distribute items within a reasonable time after the kill, and allow others a reasonable time frame for rolling.

Both, the Master Looter and the player wrongfully receiving the item can be punished for scamming.

We are only dealing with Mists of Pandaria raid instances. Loot disagreements in dungeons or older raids will not be dealt with.
The only exception for older raid instances would be if the item in question is very rare, such as a special mount.

Last update 19.2.2023