Solving problems without GMs

Problem: I can’t complete a quest because some event doesn’t start properly.
Try to do it again while not mounted, not stealthed and your pet dismissed. You can try to abandon and retake the quest but don’t do this for quests that can’t be reaccepted.

Problem: I can’t complete an escort quest.
Make sure that you follow your NPC closely, if you wander too far away, the quest will likely fail to complete for you.

Problem: I see myself in a party even though I got kicked from it or left it already.
Solution: It’s a visual bug, relog.

Problem: I can’t use the reforging option, the item I want to reforge shows up as having 0 stats in the interface.
Solution: It’s a visual bug, relog.

Problem: I cannot see what I or other players say in some channels.
Solution: Reload UI (write /reload in chat), if the problem isn’t solved, mouse over to the chat tab, right-click on the General button and choose Reset Chat Windows.

Problem: I’m not in world chat even though I normally autojoin it.
Solution: Relog or type /join world to join manually.

Problem: My character or other players show up as unknown.
Solution: Reload UI or relog.

Problem: I am a Guild Master, we have enough money in our guild bank, but we still cannot buy a tab.
Solution: Withdraw the money from the guild bank. The player buying the tab must carry it.

Problem: I have fallen into the texture and I cannot get out.
Solution: Log out of the game and then log into the Account Manager on our website and use the Unstuck option. If you get stuck again, write a ticket.

Problem: I keep getting WoW error (132) after logging into the game.
Solution: Disable your addons, delete the Cache directory, use the Unstuck option in the Account Manager.

Problem: I keep getting a WoW error upon some specific actions.
Solution: Try using the 32-bit WoW client (wow.exe), not the 64-bit one.

Problem: I cannot zoom the camera in/out.
Solution: Type the command /script SetCVar(“cameraDistancemax” ,50) – it sets the maximum camera distance. This adjustment can also be done in Video Options. Check what keybinds you have for zooming in Esc → Interface → Key Bindings. The defaults are Mouse wheel, End, Home, or Page Down.

Problem: I have earned a new title, but I cannot see it in the character tab. Therefore, I cannot select it from the list of my titles and use it.
Solution: In case you have a higher amount of titles, a small, almost invisible scroll bar appears in the window where you select from the available titles. Scroll down and you will find your new ones.

Problem: I am doing a quest and I have all the required items, but the quest cannot be completed.
Solution: Abandon the quest and then accept it again. Do not forget to check if you have all the required items in your inventory and not in your bank. You can also try to abandon the quest, put all items into your bank, reaccept the quest and then put the items back to your inventory.

Problem: I gain no experience and I am not level 90 yet.
Solution: There are NPCs in both Stormwind and Orgrimmar (near the Battlemasters), who can turn XP gain off/on for a small fee.

Problem: No quests are displayed on the map, even though I should have some active ones on that map.
Solution: Make sure to turn on quest tracking in your quest log and minimap settings. You can also try to relog or change status (complete, abandon, …) of some quest to refresh your quest UI.

Problem: No archeology digsites are displayed on my map or minimap.
Solution: Make sure the option to track active digsites is on. For your minimap, click on the looking glass icon next to your minimap and find „Track Digsites“. For your map, press „M“ (or whatever you have keybound to show your map), look at the bottom panel, there’s an option to „Show Digsites“.

Problem: I can’t see quest givers in low level zones on my minimap.
Solution: Turn on low level quest tracking – the looking glass icon by your minimap – „Low Level Quests“.

Problem: I can’t control my pet.
Solution: You need to learn Control Pet ability from your class trainer. It becomes available at level 10.

Problem: I am a Guild Master and I cannot pass my rank to another player.
Solution: If you cannot change the GuM in the guild options, type the command: /gleader nameoftheplayer.

Problem: I cannot see any tooltips (info from the spellbook) of the spells and the talents on my action bars.
Solution: Esc -> Interface -> Help -> Show Tooltips.

Problem: I cannot see the Party/ Raid interface.
Solution: Type the command: /reload or /reloadui. Check if the raid interface is turned on. This can be toggled in the default UI and in many addons like Vuhdo, XPerl etc. If you can’t find the default party or raid interface, try disabling your addons.

Problem: I have a weird debuff on my character. After a quest, I’m still holding a quest item even though that quest is already turned in.
Solution: These effects usually disappear after death. If that doesn’t help, write a ticket.

Problem: My UI shows me that I have new mail waiting for me but when I visit a mailbox, it doesn’t show up.
Solution: Wait a few minutes or relog, it usually appears after that.

Problem: I can’t send ingame mail to a certain character. There’s an error: „You have reached the in-game cap of unique mail recipients“.
Solution: The game client returns this error even when the cause for you being unable to send that message is completely different. The most likely cause is that you or the recipient have full mailbox.

Problem: I can’t see a spell that I’ve recently learned in my spellbook.
Solution: Reload UI/ relog.

Problem: A vendor doesn’t sell a rare recipe which he should.
Solution: The item is already sold out. Check if he/ she sells it via Twinhead and wait until it reappears on the vendor.