PTR Guide

To join the PTR realm, all you need is to select MoP PTR instead of Helios in the realm selection when you log in. Like for the live realm, you need our Mists of Pandaria client ‒ please see How to connect for the download.

There are a couple of additional features to make testing more convenient, such as:

  • Characters can be created using one of 4 templates, tailored to a particular content and play mode.
  • The Twinstar NPC is available in all major cities, offering gold, teleports, professions, and more.
  • Stormwind/Orgrimmar hosts many other vendors for various commodities, such as trade goods or gems.
  • The Twinstar Instance Guide NPC is located in every Mists of Pandaria dungeon and raid at each boss, and offers players boosts to damage/HP/healing.

Bug reports are posted and discussed on TwinHead. Please see our Bug report guide before posting an issue!