Please, refer to this section before asking questions related to the server. Use the search function on our forum or Discord. Most of them have already been answered before. This will save you the wait before someone answers you specifically.

Q: I am stuck at loading, or the game crashes during that part.
A: This may be caused by an improperly downloaded game, or by using other client than ours. See How to connect for various download options, and try all of them. Disconnects might also be caused by the internet provider, in which case you could try using a proxy, or by certain addons, so make sure to try disabling all addons first.

Q: I cannot log in to the game, what to do?
A: Make sure that you followed all steps from the How to connect section. Your Game account also needs to be verified via email address first. Make sure that you login via your account name, not the email address. Using the wow.exe file (not wow-x64.exe) is recommended.

Q: The game is offering me multiple realms. What’s the difference between them?
A: You can play on the live realm, or on the PTR realm made for testing only. You can get instant level 90 and buy gear from custom vendors spawned in major cities for your testing needs. See the PTR Guide for more information.

Q: How does the custom special transmogrification available at the TwinStar NPC work?
A: We’ve removed many restrictions of the original transmogrification by introducing a new NPC to all capital cities with enhanced capabilities. The capabilities are:

  • You can transmogrify one-handed maces/axes/swords/daggers into the appearance of each other.
  • You can transmogrify fist weapons into the appearance of one-handed maces/axes/swords/daggers.
  • You can transmogrify main-hand and off-hand weapons into the appearance of each other.
  • You can transmogrify without any item quality restrictions (such as, you can use legendary items and white items for transmogrification).
  • You can transmogrify armor only to a type worn by your class (e.g. only mail or leather for hunters).
  • You can disable or change weapon enchant visual effects.

Uses of the custom transmogrification are available in our donate shop in the account manager. Be sure to select the correct realm, and then redeem the transmogrification at the NPC!

Q: I am experiencing serious lag and other people seem fine, what’s wrong?
A: Try all login server options listed in How to connect to determine which one provides you with the lowest latency.

Q: How can I disable the arena announcement in the chat?
A: Remove the checkmark on “Battle.net Alerts” in your chat settings.

Q: What’s the population on the Helios project?
A: You can see the public population statistics in the right widget in the information about the realm. If you see 49 said somewhere, that is the cap of ingame /who search, which will not display more players than that. For this reason, the addon Census+ isn’t accurate as well.

Q: I received an error message “This account has been suspended…”, when logging in.
A: Your account has been temporarily banned. More information can be found on the main page (log in to the account manager and search for recent bans). In case of doubts or a need for further clarification, turn to the person who has given you the ban. He or she will provide you with more facts about the reason and length of your ban.

Q: When I try to log in, I keep receiving an error message “This World of Warcraft account has been closed and is no longer available for use”.
A: This means there is a ban on your IP. In most cases, the cause of your ban is that you have put in your password or account name incorrectly too many times. Such bans typically last 15 minutes. You can find the cause of such ban and an unban date in the account manager.

Q: I think my ban is unfair. Who should I ask for help?
A: Your ban can be reviewed by the GameMaster (GM) who has given it to you (can be found in the account manager) or you can ask a Head GM. All ban appeals are to be dealt with via private messages on Discord.

Q: I forgot my game account password, what to do?
A: A new password can be sent via the account manager. You will find this option on the main page of the account manager which is located on our main website twinstar-wow.com.

Q: I have trouble logging into Bugtracker.
A: You need a forum account for this, not your game account. Make one and confirm it with your email and you’re set. Make yourself familiar with how to report bugs before posting here, we do have a guide for it.

Q: I have seen someone breaking the rules in-game, what to do?
A: Provide us with appropriate evidence and a description of what you have seen. Create a ticket on Discord under #ticket-submit. Make sure to read the instructions that are written in that channel.

Q: Do you transfer characters from other projects? Do you offer instant high level characters?
A: No, we do not, but you can use our character auction containing characters properly leveled up by TwinStar players. These characters can be purchased for Stars available through the DONATE system. By donations you also financially support the server. You can find more details about such auctions in the Characters auction section of the Account manager.

Q: When the server crashed I lost an item I have obtained/bought. Can it be returned?
A: Any item, XP or honor lost during the server crash CANNOT be restored! The same applies to items, honors etc. lost due to the player’s own fault. There is an automatic save function on the server which regularly saves all characters. At present, we only handle issues with loot from Mists of Pandaria raid bosses.

Q: I have an in-game issue, what am I supposed to do?
A: Submit an in-game ticket (see the General rules). You may also contact us using Discord.

Q: I have an issue related to account or other (not in-game) related stuff, what should I do?
A: Contact us using the Discord #support channel.

However, if your problem is regarding an account activation, non-existing account emails, donations or anything character auction related, please contact an administrator under jeniczek@twinstar.cz (no one else will be able to help you with such issues other than Jeniczek, so please do not contact GMs or other staff members for it).

Q: What should I do if I don’t have access to the accounts email anymore?
A: If you have lost your password or forgot your email, you have to try to remember it and/or contact your email provider. The email address is the key to everything and without email address you don’t have a way to provide us a valid proof that you are a legitimate account owner.