Hall of Fame

Mogu’shan Vaults 2023/06/03

Disco Damage Club

Heart of Fear 2023/07/17

No Fun Allowed

Terrace of Endless Spring 2023/08/21

No Fun Allowed

Three hours they battled, undeterred by the fight,
Through each wipe, they found more strength and might.
Twenty times they fell, resilience unyielding,
Their determination and skill, endlessly revealing.

And in the end, the Will of the Emperor did fall,
Disco Damage Club, standing tall amidst it all.
The first to conquer the heroic raid’s domain,
A glorious chapter in the legends we proclaim.

Six times they fell to the final boss’s might,
Yet rose again, determined to see the light.
For an hour they battled in the Heart of Fear,
Until Grand Empress Shek’zeer suffered wounds severe.

With triumphant shouts and hearts ablaze,
No Fun Allowed emerged from the chaotic maze.
They conquered the raid, made history that day,
As heroes of Helios, they showed the way.

With memories of battles and victories past,
They faced the Sha of Fear, shadows amassed.
Finally the monster trembled, under attacks it bowed,
Realizing it itself had no fun allowed.

And as the darkness fell, defeated and torn,
Through their conquests a new legend was born.
To the guild who conquered the Terrace’s test,
You’ve proven your strength, you’ve risen the best.