How to connect

In order to play on Helios, you need to follow these simple steps:

1. Install/Download the game client:

Our client is required to play on Helios, available either as a downloader for the full game, or through the mini-client which downloads the game while playing. The downloader can also be placed alongside an existing Mists of Pandaria installation. If you do not use our client, you will not be able to load the game.

WoW 5.4.8 Mini-Client:  ZIP 

Full Client Downloader:  EXE   ZIP (password: twinstar

Only the enGB and enUS locale is supported.

If you download the game in ZIP, don’t forget to extract it to a directory! While using an existing installation to connect to our servers may work if you use the .exe files from the ZIP archive, we do not recommend this option! Download the game using the provided files in case of issues with this.

Realmlist ‒ you may use the Twinstar Latency Test to find the best connection:
set realmlist
set realmlist
set realmlist
set realmlist
set realmlist # Optimized for the NA region

The realmlist can be found by navigating from the game folder to WTF\ You can change the realmlist by adding the corresponding line with the „set realmlist“ text to the file. Changing the login will make your network route to the server different, which might help you to choose the network latency for you needs.

2. Create game account:

Create your Game account at Authorize your account by confirming it via e-mail.
Please note that the e-mail address you use to register is the key to everything. Without access to your e-mail account, you will not be able to use any TwinStar services.

Warning: Do not use login credentials (username/password) that you also already use(d) on projects other than TwinStar!

3. Launch the game:

Be sure to launch the game using Wow.exe or Wow-64.exe (try the 32-bit version in case of issues). Log in using your account name, not email address.