Theramore’s Fall and Alliance Bonuses

Dear players,

if you were worrying whether we forgot about our schedule for today, worry no longer! Our final testing is almost done, which means Theramore’s Fall, the first new scenario to be opened in Mists of Pandaria, will be available soon, in just 30 minutes after the server restart!

The drums of war are getting louder and louder, and soon enough, the conflict between the Alliance and the Horde shall result in yet another devastating outcome, this time targeting the city of Theramore! Venture together in a party of 3 people into this brand new scenario, with different version for the Alliance and the Horde, and see for yourself what this battle entails. Or just watch our video from the previous week, as you see fit. 😉

After the restart, the bonuses for Alliance players are also returning, like you may know from Apollo! Alliance players will enjoy 2x profession and reputation gain, and +50 % increased Justice and Honor Points gain. In addition, there will be free faction change for Horde players and guilds, with our custom faction changer NPC in Orgrimmar, allowing you to flag your character for faction change. You may also contact a Head Game Master on Discord if you want to move a guild to Alliance.

A lot of you have also been asking about our next plans for the prepatch, and when it is going to end. We do not want to keep any information from you, but the fact is that we could not reasonably estimate how much time will be needed to polish everything, and judging from the number of work needed on Cataclysm content alone, we made the right call not to rush things out. Many of the changes that needed to be done warrant additional testing of existing and future content, but we also do not want you to feel bored for long. We explored our options and settled on a custom solution that will give you some more exciting things to do. Stay tuned for future news, and you will soon know what they will be!

Have fun!

Helios Team