Raid Reduction Changes

Dear players,

we have decided to decrease the reduction values in 10-man normal raids from 15% to 10%. This change is effective immediately, with the current values as follows:

10-man normal: 10% damage/heal/absorb reduction
25-man normal: 10% damage/heal/absorb reduction
10-man heroic: 35% damage/heal/absorb reduction
25-man heroic: 30% damage/heal/absorb reduction

We will leave heroic difficulties as they are, at least for this week, to keep things fair for everyone. In other news, we are very pleased to see that 4 guilds have already killed the first boss and made good progress on the second boss, one guild even having killed 2 heroic bosses within the first day. We are excited to hear feedback from the guilds who are yet to attempt the heroic difficulty, and we will make any necessary changes to satisfy as many players as possible while keeping the realm first race challenging.

We understand that the high reduction may make heroic difficulty difficult for some players, but please remember that the reduction will gradually decrease over time.

Thank you for your attention and have fun!

Helios Team


Update May 23rd:

We would like to inform you that with tomorrow morning’s update, we are updating the raid reduction values, with these percentage

10-man normal damage reduction: 10%
10-man normal heal/absorb reduction: 10%
25-man normal damage reduction: 10%
25-man normal heal/absorb reduction: 10%

10-man heroic damage reduction: 27.5%
10-man heroic heal/absorb reduction: 22.5%
25-man heroic damage reduction: 27.5%
25-man heroic heal/absorb reduction: 27.5%

We hope these changes will provide a challenging but fair experience for all raiders. Additionally, the bonus for Honor, Justice, Valor, and Conquest Points will be disabled at the same time, and we hope that you enjoyed it while it was active.

Have fun!

Helios Team