New Features and Updates

Dear players,

we would like to bring you several news and updates from our realm, as well as several improvements based on your suggestions.

We have adjusted the way the Valor Points bonus is applied, with these details:

  • The Valor Points weekend bonus will be removed, with the intent to improve obtaining VPs during the whole week instead.
  • The number of VPs rewarded for raid bosses will be increased from 40 to 60.
  • First 7 RHCs each week will now reward 80 VPs each. After these 7, you’ll earn Justice Points instead.
  • The same reward structure applies to scenarios, the first 7 rewarding 40 VPs each. This makes it easy to quickly accumulate up to 840 VPs each week only from doing dungeons and scenarios.
  • LFR (Looking for Raid) will now grant 90 VPs each, regardless of how many you complete in a day.
  • Valor of the Ancients will be improved ‒ once you hit the VP cap on one character, additional characters will receive the Valor of the Ancients bonus (granting a +50% VP bonus), up to 4 stacks (+200%) for each character that reaches the cap.
  • RHC VP bonuses were also implemented in these dungeons: Siege of Niuzao (+5 VP), Scholomance (+10 VP), and Shado-Pan Monastery (+15 VP).

We have also implemented a change from 5.2, whereby defeating wild pets now offers a chance to earn Lesser Charms of Good Fortune too! Additionally, Battle-Stones may also be received now from this source.

Lastly, for the enjoyers of our testing realm MoP PTR, we would like to let you know that Heroic raid difficulties will not require achievements to enter anymore!

Thank you for your continued support and enthusiasm, and we wish you happy gaming!

Helios Team