PvP Changes and Implemented Suggestions

Dear players,

we would like to inform you of a few updates on Helios.

Once again we would like to apologize for the issues related to Valor Points rewards last week. We have made sure that all issues have been fixed, and you can enjoy the rewards as proper.

Additionally, we would like to address the ongoing complaints regarding faction hubs in Pandaria and PvP. For the moment, Shrine of Seven Stars and Shrine of Two Moons will have PvP disabled, at least until the details regarding the guards are resolved.

We have also addressed other suggestions and feedback from you, namely decreased kick vote limit in scenarios and reduced the number of Blood-Soaked Invitations in the Black Market.

Lastly, for you to witness on all our realms, we have (re)introduced three hosted in-game events that you can enjoy from our Event Master team! Some of you may know them from distant past years, some not, but if you wish to see more, be in-game and you may get to experience one.

Thank you for your continued support, and have fun!

Helios Team