Examples of the loot issues troubleshooting

Example 1:

I am a master looter and raid leader for a raid that just downed Halfus 10 hc in BoT. I’ve looted the boss but am unable to give loot to players who should receive it. We tried the other options for troubleshooting. I go to Discord #read_first channel and write:

Lootmaster’s name: Unicorn
Guilds name (if not a pug and/or who raid ID belongs to): Pink Unicorns
Raid and Boss: Halfus Wyrmbreaker, Bastion of Twilight
Item name: 1. Chest of the Forlorn Conqueror 2. Bracers of the Bronze Flight 3. Essence of the Cyclone
Who has the item: 1. Unicorn 2. Unicorn 3. Unicorn
Who should have the item: 1. Healpriest 2. Frostmage 3. Epichuntard
Date of kill: 12. 4. 2019
Boss kill link: You can find your bosskill in the armory of your character, when you click Bosskills or Details link in Recent Activity next to specified boss. You can also find your bosskill in Latest Bosskills – https://cata-twinhead.twinstar.cz/?latest=bosskills on Twinhead or under Killed by tab of that boss – for example https://cata-twinhead.twinstar.cz/?npc=46210#bosskills.)

Example 2:

Our raid has done the whole Bastion of Twilight raid this evening. Afterwards, our previous raid leader unfortunately had to leave, so I took it upon myself to lead the group through Blackwing Descent. Only after we successfully downed Magmaw we realized something is wrong. Magmaw didn’t drop any loot for us, only gold. I look at the loot settings and see that we have master loot on but nobody is assigned as master looter, since that role has stayed on our absent previous raid leader. I change up loot settings but Magmaw still doesn’t look like he’s going to give us anything. So I make sure the loot settings are setup correctly for the remainder of the raid and later I go to Discord #read_first channel and write:

Lootmaster’s name: Karazhan
Guilds name (if not a pug and/or who raid ID belongs to): a pug, Karazhan’s ID
Raid and Boss: Magmaw, Blackwing Descent
Item name: no items dropped from boss, only gold
Who has the item: no one
Who should have the item: depends on the loot
Date of kill: 1. 4. 2019
Boss kill link: look at the previous example for explanation


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