PvP Season Rewards

Dear players,

last week, the gates of rated battlegrounds and arenas were closed, and all fighting has come to an end. Before the new season begins, we have to evaluate the previous one and announce its winners!

You can find more about the methodology of title awarding and PvP rules here.

Congratulations to these great players and the main winners of the season:

These players will be awarded the title Malevolent Gladiator.

Aside from the title rewards, players who are awarded with the Gladiator and Malevolent Gladiator title will also obtain a special mount Malevolent Gladiator’s Cloud Serpent. These players are:

In addition to these great combatants, there were also 21 people awarded with the title Duelist, 36 with the title Rival, and 179 getting Challenger. For 2v2: Duelist: 56, Rival: 57, Challenger: 283. Congratulations!

We would also like to announce the top 5 players from each faction in rated battlegrounds. All these players are awarded the title Hero of the Horde / Hero of the Alliance and a special reward from us ‒ the Swift Zulian Tiger:



The next season of Arenas & Rated Battlegrounds starts tomorrow at 10 AM server time. The rewards for the last season will be distributed during tomorrow as well.

 ❗ Questions and complaints for this season’s evaluation are accepted via in-game tickets until Sunday, 24 December 2023 23:59. ❗

Helios Team