Miss Helios

Dear players!

We hope you are enjoying this time of year in happiness, joy, and serenity, as much as the situation allows it. Today we would like to prepare you for the next big annual event that is our passion to host for you, this time under a new collective name (or old, for the veterans among you): Miss TwinStar!

Your favourite fashion event is back! This is the contest where the players with the most good-looking equipment win, where what matters is the appearance of your items and not their statistics. Whether you are a new or returning player, this is definitely something that you should not miss!

This season, we have prepared the event’s schedule for all our realms (server time):

Miss Helios

  • Friday, 12 January 2024, 5 PM: Alliance

  • Friday, 12 January 2024, 6 PM: Horde

Miss Athena

  • Saturday, 13 January 2024, 4 PM: Horde + Alliance

If you want to participate as a contestant, please send a message to CM Lidansa on Discord and provide your in-game character name, realm, and faction. If you want to attend as a spectator, you don’t have to enter in advance. The event will take place on the Darkmoon Island on Helios, and in the World’s End Tavern on Athena. There are no restrictions on your level or equipment, and you are also allowed to participate in the event on all realms at once (but only one character per account per faction per realm).

During the contest, our committee will select 10 participants from every faction, who will advance to the next round (taking place on Discord after that). Your equipment (including weapons etc.) will be evaluated based on various criteria, such as originality, rarity and difficulty to obtain, overall consistency etc. On the other hand, appearance, gender, race, or abilities of your characters will not be considered.

The winners of the whole contest (separately for all the realms and factions) will be given one of the pre-Cata starting shirts, and items from the donate shop (all of your choice) from these categories:
1st place: mount + pet + tabard + other + transmog
2nd place: pet + tabard + other + transmog
3rd place: tabard + other + transmog

The players selected in the 1st round will also be rewarded with gold. Contest entry will be closed on Friday, 12 January 2024, 4 PM for Helios, and on Saturday, 13 January 2024, 3 PM for Athena.

We look forward to seeing you!

Helios Team