New Year Updates

Dear players,

We’re thrilled to share some exciting updates for Helios.

Firstly, we want to extend our apologies for the recent performance dip due to various health and real-life challenges faced by our team members. As we steadily recover, we’re gearing up for an amazing year with several significant plans in the pipeline.

For our projects, we’ve introduced a new voting system. This system enables in-game polls with an automatic TwinStar stars rewarding feature for all participants.

We have also implemented a new way of searching for targets in cone. This should improve behavior of spells such as Cone of Cold, Shockwave and Fists of Fury. We also recently implemented stat compensation in Challenge Mode dungeons. This allows you to keep your normal Hit and Expertise values by redistributing your other stats. Additionally, we’re excited to introduce the SoloQueue functionality. Make sure to download the updated client to enjoy this feature – without it, you won’t be able to queue in SoloQueue. If you notice any issues with these new changes and features, please let us know immediately.

As we prepare for the long-awaited 5.1 Pandaria campaign, the Alliance portion is ready for public testing, with work still ongoing for the Horde. If you’re interested in testing and earning stars rewards, please DM to join a special channel. The more testers, the better! Testers will also have the option to go through the whole campaign at once, without the need to gather reputation to progress the campaign. In the near future, we plan to hold a public test for the Brawler’s Guild, which is also nearing completion. Aside from this, we have already started working on contents of the next major patch – 5.2 The Thunder King. This includes two new zones, two new world bosses, a new raid and more.

Thank you for your continuous support, we can’t wait to see you in the game!

Best regards,
Helios Team