Changelog 11.11.2023 – 28.02.2024 (175 fixes)

Spells (28)
Added missing Water Gliding effect when accepting some daily quests in Orgrimmar, Stormwind City and Tol Barad Peninsula
Healing Touch, Regrowth and Nourish now also recalculate Lifebloom’s healing amount
Refreshing Lifebloom by Healing Touch, Regrowth or Nourish now always applies Harmony to its periodic healing, even when it was not active before casting those spells
Regrowth’s periodic healing is now always affected by Harmony, even when it was not already active before casting Regrowth
Eternal Guardian (Quilen Hunter Pet) now works correctly with limited combat resurrections in raid instances
Rushing Jade Wind’s healing is now reduced by 20% for Mistweaver Monks
#3362 Fixed a bug which caused periodic damage to not grant any Vengeance
#4598 Binding Heal can no longer consume Inner Focus
Removed no longer needed code that is now handled generically
Future on Fire, Fiery Devastation and Master of Flames buffs are now correctly removed when Rogue T12 4P Bonus is unequipped
#4505 Restorative Mists triggered from Restoration Shaman’s Ascendance is no longer affected by Battle Fatigue
#4499 Glyph of Purging now only grants stacks of Maelstrom Weapon on successful Purge for Enhancement Shamans
Healing Rain now recalculates its tick speed with every tick, instead of calculating it once on application
#4509 Totems (and other creatures with pet scaling) now correctly get Hit Chance from auras that only grant Spell Hit Chance
#4501 Unleashed Fury now correctly affects Riptide’s periodic healing
#4502 Grimoire of Sacrifice now also increases damage of Wild Imp’s Fel Firebolt
#4423 Players can no longer cast Health Funnel if their demon is not in line of sight
#4478 Decimate now correctly does damage equal to 50% of target’s current health
Enchanted Essence is now always correctly applied to players in Gokk’lok’s Grotto
#4159 Fixed a bug which caused items with required profession skill to be unequipped during map transfer when the required skill was reached with the help of racials or other bonuses
Mass Resurrection can no longer be used in Challenge Mode dungeons
#3625 Mazu’s Breath is no longer sometimes incorrectly removed when swimming under structures built above water
#3625 Mazu’s Breath is now always correctly applied to players in Shelf of Mazu or Lonesome Cove
Presence of Tarecgosa’s spell duplication now behaves in exactly the same way as Dragonwrath, Tarecgosa’s Rest
#4386 Reworked handling
#3267 Strange Aura now correctly fades away if the player leaves Cenarion Thicket
#4650 Swarming Insects in Townlong Steppes now correctly dismount players
#4514 Warlock’s Soul Link no longer consumes charges of Voidlord’s Void Shield
Dungeons (22)
#4599 Baradin Hold Creatures in Baradin Hold are no longer linked to Cataclysm arena seasons
#3291 Grim Batol Erudax no longer announces Shield of Nightmares if Faceless Corruptor is dead
#3031 Halls of Origination Isiset – Celestial Familiar’s death no longer causes Mirror Images phase to cancel
#2582 Serpentshrine Cavern Lady Vashj – Increased despawn timer of dead Tainted Elementals
#2582 Serpentshrine Cavern The Lurker Below – Boss no longer resets when players exit the water
#1283 The Eye of Eternity Malygos – Reworked Arcane Overload
#2854 Throne of the Tides Neptulon can no longer respawn after the final boss encounter is completed
#2819 Violet Hold Zuramat the Obliterator – Void Sentries now correctly despawn when Zuramat the Obliterator is defeated
#3348 Zul’Aman Fixed achievement Bear-ly Made It
#2621 Zul’Gurub Reworked some boss encounters in Zul’Gurub
#25 [5.0.4][Dungeon] Siege of Niuzao Temple Commander Vo’jak – Achievement “Where’s My Air Support?” can now only be completed in Heroic difficulty
#2107 [5.0.4][Raid] Mogu’shan Vaults Fixed “And… It’s Good!” achievement
#460 [5.0.4][Scenario] Brewmoon Festival Corrected “Yaungolian Barbecue” and “Binan Village All-Star” achievements
#461 [5.0.4][Scenario] Crypt of Forgotten Kings Jin Ironfist – Fixed Enrage
#466 [5.1.0][Scenario] A Little Patience Fixed trap visuals
#465 [5.1.0][Scenario] Assault on Zan’vess Implemented and enabled Assault on Zan’vess scenario
#465 [5.1.0][Scenario] Assault on Zan’vess Players now have to kill all Zan’thik Guardians in order to remove their Protective Shell from Sonic Towers
#467 [5.1.0][Scenario] Dagger in the Dark Implemented and enabled Dagger in the Dark scenario
#468 [5.1.0][Scenario] Domination Point Implemented and enabled Domination Point scenario
#469 [5.1.0][Scenario] Lion’s Landing Implemented and enabled Lion’s Landing scenario
#3460 [5.2.0][Raid] Throne of Thunder Added trash and scripted all events in Throne of Thunder
#3460 [5.2.0][Raid] Throne of Thunder Added initial instance data for Throne of Thunder
Mechanics (2)
Bonus roll chance Added system message with bonus roll item drop chance
Guild Level Achievements Missing “Guild Level” achievements are now awarded to guilds when any of their members log in the game
General (53)
Ahn’kahet: The Old Kingdom Reworked some boss encounters in Ahn’kahet: The Old Kingdom
Blackrock Depths Corrections to Ring of Law boss encounters
Cataclysm Dungeons Bosses in The Stonecore, Throne of the Tides and Halls of Origination now correctly reset if they leave their encounter area
Cataclysm Dungeons Improved handling of boss encounter doors in The Stonecore, Throne of the Tides and Halls of Origination
#3880 Challenge Mode Reforged stats are now correctly distributed in 60/40 ratio in Challenge Mode dungeons
#3880 Challenge Mode Implemented compensation for Hit, Expertise and Spirit lost due to reduced item level in Challenge Mode dungeons
#3880 Challenge Mode Players no longer lose item durability when fighting or dying in Challenge Mode dungeons
Character Delete Player characters with Heirloom items in their inventory or pending mail can no longer be deleted
Cone Spells Reworked searching for targets in cone to better imitate retail behavior
Creature Pets Some creature spells now correctly despawn previous pet when creature summons a new one
Equipped Items Weapons are now disabled instead of automatically unequipped when they become unequippable due to losing Dual Wield or Titan’s Grip
Feast of Winter Veil Added new “A Winter Veil Gift” quests and corrected loot contained in all gifts and presents
Feast of Winter Veil Corrected texts and emotes of a few Feast of Winter Veil quests
Feast of Winter Veil Players now need to be at least level 80 to be able to accept “You’re a Mean One…” daily quest
Game Objects Correctly implemented new GameObject type
#3681 Global – Arenas Fixed a bug which sometimes caused doors in Tol’Viron Arena and The Tiger’s Peak to not spawn properly
Guild UI Achievement Points of other guild members are now correctly displayed in Guild UI
#4651 Instance Lock issues Switching between Dungeon or Raid Difficulties no longer resets all instances – players now have to use “Reset all instances” button to achieve this
#4651 Instance Lock issues Fixed a race condition that sometimes occurred when player clicked on Extend Raid Lock or Remove Raid Lock Extension buttons
#4651 Instance Lock issues Fixed Extend Raid Lock function
Item Containers Fixed a bug which prevented opened containers from being moved, traded or mailed until logout
Item Durability Broken items that are a part of a set no longer count towards completion of the set
Level Restriction Fixed a bug which caused spells to ignore level limit when targeting their caster
Money Loot Added money loot for many creatures in Cataclysm zones
Old Hillsbrad Foothills Corrected saving of completed events and boss encounters
#3587 Pet Movement Speed Pets no longer fall behind while following their mounted owner in combat
Pilgrim’s Bounty Correctly implemented some Pilgrim’s Bounty achievements
Pit of Saron Improved Scourgelord Tyrannus boss encounter and some other changes
PvP Guards Casting a helpful spell at another player no longer causes guards to turn hostile
Raid Buffs Fixed a bug which caused some raid buffs to not be removed when leaving a group
The Deadmines Reworked some boss encounters in The Deadmines
The Ring of Blood Reworked the entire “The Ring of Blood” questline in Nagrand
Titles PvP titles are no longer account-wide
#4578 Trinket Procs Procs triggered from items are no longer removed when the item is unequipped
#4649 World Bosses Immunities no longer cause players to not get kill credit or bonus loot from Pandaria world bosses
#4558 [5.1.0] Brawler’s Guild Fixed “Bottle Service” achievement
#4558 [5.1.0] Brawler’s Guild Added spawns and visuals for Horde Brawler’s Guild
#4558 [5.1.0] Brawler’s Guild Added spawns and visuals for Alliance Brawler’s Guild
#4558 [5.1.0] Brawler’s Guild Implemented all boss encounters in Brawler’s Guild for patch 5.1.0
[5.1.0] Landfall Campaign Scripted most of patch 5.1.0 Landfall campaign, currently available on the PTR
#118 [Pet Battles] Global Fixed double dip with Beast passive
#118 [Pet Battles] Global Pets now correctly use abilities selected before death, after their Undead/Mechanical passive revives them
#118 [Pet Battles] Global Reworked hit chance calculation
#118 [Pet Battles] Global Fixed Chew pet ability
#118 [Pet Battles] Global Fixed Soothe pet ability
#118 [Pet Battles] Global Fixed Call Lightning pet ability
#118 [Pet Battles] Global Fixed Plagued Blood pet ability
#118 [Pet Battles] Global Fixed Falling Murloc pet ability
#118 [Pet Battles] Global Fixed Immolate pet ability
#118 [Pet Battles] Global Fixed Decoy pet ability
#118 [Pet Battles] Global Fixed Moth Dust pet ability
#118 [Pet Battles] Global Wild Silkworm can no longer appear as a secondary pet in Valley of the Four Winds
#118 [Pet Battles] Global Quake battle pet ability can now also damage backline pets
PvP (4)
#2716 Specific Battleground – Reward Winning a specific battleground no longer grants any rewards
#923 [Battleground] Eye of the Storm Fixed “Take a Chill Pill” achievement
#923 [Battleground] Eye of the Storm Fixed “Bloodthirsty Berserker” achievement
#927 [Battleground] Strand of the Ancients Players can no longer place two Massive Seaforium Charges if they use them again at the end of the cast
World Event (1)
#4112 Love is in the Air Corrected date of Love is in the Air event
Quests (22)
Dungeons – Grim Batol
#4570 Killing Trogg Dwellers now correctly counts in “Trogg Dweler slain” criteria
Eastern Kingdoms – Gilneas
Reworked quest “Last Chance at Humanity”
Eastern Kingdoms – Twilight Highlands
#2426 Fixed a bug which caused creatures related to “Draconic Mending” quest to spawn in excessive numbers
Corrections to “Drag ’em Down” quest
#2962 Corrections to “Fight Like a Wildhammer” quest
Corrections to “Last of Her Kind” quest
Corrections to “The Crucible of Carnage: The Earl of Evisceration!” quest
Eastern Kingdoms – Western Plaguelands
Corrected event with Darkmaster Gandling (both Alliance and Horde versions)
Kalimdor – Mount Hyjal
Reworked spawning of creatures related to “In the Rear With the Gear” quest
Spirit of Lo’Gosh/Spirit of Goldrinn can now be summoned while casting
Northrend – Borean Tundra
#4586 Heart of Ragnaros now correctly stays behind even after Ragnaros despawns
Northrend – Howling Fjord
Added more spawn positions for Iron Dwarf Relics
Northrend – Icecrown
Corrections to “Assault by Air” quest (both Alliance and Horde versions)
Outland – Hellfire Peninsula
#4283 Corrections to “Arelion’s Secret” quest
The Maelstrom – Kezan
#2522 Fixed visual issues in quest UI
The Maelstrom – Tol Barad Peninsula
#2751 Quest reworked (both Alliance and Horde versions)
Fixed interaction with Stonespeaker’s Luring Totem
Uncategorized – Dread Wastes
#4523 Bringing Motherseeds to the collection pit now correctly grants quest credit
Uncategorized – Townlong Steppes
#4398 Interacting with Ruthers for the first time no longer causes Pet Gently to interrupt immediately
Uncategorized – Valley of the Four Winds
#4602 Li Li now correctly starts following players again after each mini event
World Events – Darkmoon Faire
#4654 Added visual effect when player doesn’t hit shooting targets
#4653 Added visual effect when player doesn’t hit Enemy Tonk, Enemy MiniZep or Tonk Target
Achievements (5)
#4618 Fixed “Challenge Mode Dungeon Challenges” guild achievement
#4480 Fixed “Only the Penitent…” achievement
#4584 Food chairs now display the correct model for players
#4543 Honorary Brewmaster Keg is now correctly mailed to players who complete Pub Crawl achievement
#3163 Added achievement reward
NPCs (24)
Corrected spells used by Burning Blade Warlocks
Corrected spells used by Burning Blade Warlocks
Heart of Fear
#2116 Overwhelming Assault is now delayed correctly if the target is not in range
#2120 Added Poison Bomb ability to Kor’thik Reavers
#2120 Heart of Fear visual no longer targets pets
Krasarang Wilds
#4603 Added event to spawn Feverbite by killing Feverbite Hatchlings in Krasarang Wilds
Kun-Lai Summit
The Metal Paw can now sell Honorary Brewmaster Keg to players who completed Pub Crawl achievement
Mogu’shan Vaults
#2112 Necrotic Strike (and other slow effects) no longer work against Elegon
#2111 Subetai the Swift now continues to use Pillage even when defeated
#2112 Fixed “Straight Six” achievement
#2110 Fixed “Sorry, Were You Looking for This?” achievement
#2111 Fixed “Getting Hot In Here” achievement
#2113 Players can no longer see some triggers related to this boss encounter
#2113 Fixed “Show Me Your Moves!” achievement
Mount Hyjal
Young Twilight Drakes no longer respawn instantly
Terokkar Forest
#4110 Empoor now correctly respawns a few minutes after his death even if his Bodyguard didn’t die
Terrace of Endless Spring
#2124 Fixed Scary Fog debuff stacking
#2124 Bonus roll no longer fails when affected by Killing Spree or other similar effects
#2125 Pure Light is now correctly summoned again if Champion of the Light is removed by abilities such as Vanish
#2125 Sha of Fear can no longer die while submerged
#2123 Tsulong is now treated as a raid unit while in The Day phase, this allows him to be targeted by raid spells
The Jade Forest
#4595 Added option to make Sri-La Inn your home
Multiple Locations
Wounded Mor’shan Defender no longer attack nearby enemies
Unknown Location
#4693 Yor now correctly becomes attackable after spawning in
Items (12)
#4560 Ashstone Core pet is now correctly learned after item use
#4507 Fixed a bug which prevented Crown of Eternal Winter from being used as a source item for transmogrification
#4636 Elixir of Ancient Knowledge is now correctly removed when player levels up above level 84
#4688 Honorary Brewmaster Keg now correctly applies a visual effect
#4508 Fixed a bug which prevented Hood of Hungering Darkness from being used as a source item for transmogrification
#4506 Fixed a bug which prevented Jewel of the Firelord from being used as a source item for transmogrification
#3833 Magic Banana now correctly stuns players who walk over it
#4569 Manipulator’s Talisman now correctly triggers additional damage from pet attacks
#1286 Ominous Seed can now only target unoccupied tiles
#3897 Charmed critters now despawn when their Panflute Melody expires
#4690 Rustberg Gull now teaches the correct pet, the old incorrect ones have been converted
#4620 Reworked loot contained in Stolen Present
Objects (2)
#4644 Corrected descriptions of statues in Armsmaster Harlan’s room in Scarlet Halls
#4594 Chastised debuff is now applied to players who loot Offering of Remembrance