Three New Scenarios and Cross-faction Interaction Coming!

Dear players,

we have another exciting announcement to make! After tomorrow’s restart, we will be adding three new scenarios from patch 5.1: Domination Point, Lion’s Landing, and Dagger in the Dark. Get ready to experience the landfall of the Alliance and the Horde and the battles that ensue!

But that is not all! Based on your feedback, we have been implementing full cross-faction support for the realm, which will allow you to engage in cross-faction interactions just like on Apollo, and thus chat, form groups and guilds, queue up, trade, make friends, and more, with the other faction! The remaining tests for this feature have been finished, which means it is ready to be deployed on the live realm, and will be enabled on Helios after Friday’s restart.

As with any such major changes, it is hard to test every situation and there may be unforeseen issues or bugs that arise. In any case of issues, we encourage you to report report them here for our developers to deal with.

These news would not have been possible without the dedication of our amazing testers from the community on Discord. We want to express a huge thank you to each and every one of you for helping us in making these additions: Akimu, Nierautomata, and Ginx. Thank you!

We hope you enjoy the new additions and have a great time on Helios!

Helios Team